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Welcome to
HeartWork by Alison.

Hi! My name is Alison. I am very excited to share my art, and to share my story of  how I discovered the "hidden" artist within me. I really came to discover art quite organically, as I have no professional training in the arts. While working as a bartender/manager in a paint & sip studio, I became inspired by all of the creativity and beauty around me. I had never painted before, or even thought myself to be creative at all. But I suddenly became so fascinated & excited with the ability to express oneself through art. I slowly began to explore & tap into the artist that was within me. During this time, my son became gravely ill and life as I knew it to be, altogether changed. It was a very difficult 3 years of worry & uncertainty. Through that time, art became therapy for me. I was able to express myself through painting, which I found to be very therapeutic and a great stress-reliever. It is such a blessing to me that something so beautiful came out of such dark times. Art is now an integral part of my life, and truly inspires how I see the world around me. I am blessed to have amazing artist friends in my life. They inspire me, teach me, mentor me and encourage me. And I am so thankful for them. My artwork truly comes from the heart. And that is why I am HeartWork by Alison.

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